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Tips for Visual Artists: Part III

Check out Part II here. 13. Try a Wide-Ranging Pricing Model Unless you are as renowned as Jeff Koons or Ai Weiwei, you can benefit by having a price range that appeals to diverse income groups. I see no harm if a painter goes from $200 to $20,000 or if a sculptor goes from $5,000…

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Tips for Visual Artists: Part II

Check out Part I here. 7. Articulate Your Stand, Share Your Opinions, Show off Your Knowledge This is a very, very important point. Many visual artists feel that they needn’t or mustn’t “talk” about their artistic vision because, well, isn’t the art itself supposed to do exactly that? Painters and sculptors and photographers aren’t novelists…

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Tips for Visual Artists: Part I

For our blog, we interact with artists of all sorts from all over the world. Some are highly accomplished with more commission requests than they can handle, others literally struggling to make ends meet. What works and what doesn’t in this business? Based on our communications and observations of the past three years, we…

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