Decreasing attention spans mean that individuals and organisations must now compete more fiercely than ever to make lasting impressions. While an explosion of communication channels has led to easy dissemination of information, it has created multiple problems and challenges for thinkers and publishers of all stripes, from students to entrepreneurs. Much of what is written and shared can seem stale and superfluous, even superficial. To stand out in the crowd and cut through the clutter today, it is imperative that the expressions you generate and transmit be grammatically, lexically and factually accurate. Our team of well-published editors and writers with global experience will help you achieve just that so you can succeed in your pursuits. We value your time and trust, and therefore, are committed to getting your content delivered to you promptly with no compromise on its quality.



Our wide-ranging editing services cater to any individual or organisation wishing to improve the overall quality of their content. We welcome students, academics, businesses, professionals, authors and publishers who may want their essays, theses, dissertations, journal articles, research papers, book chapters, non-fiction or fiction manuscripts, reports, manuals, website copy, social media copy, business plans, advertisements, applications, brochures, circulars, CVs or other documents evaluated and enhanced. Whether you are a native English or English as a Second Language speaker, we will polish the vocabulary in your text, identify ambiguities, eliminate redundant phrases, fix your formatting and rectify any errors of punctuation, grammar and syntax while preserving your arguments. We will see that your sentences are concise, your ideas clear and coherent and your style consistent in its adherence to the conventions of your English, be it British, American, Australian or Canadian. Where required, we will meticulously apply referencing styles of your choice (APA, AMA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or any other) so that your citations neverĀ miss the mark. Our editors work according to the guidelines provided by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and the Australian Copyright Council. In addition to tying up loose ends and improving the flow and readability of a write-up, we are keen on ensuring its originality. If applicable, we may be able to provide plagiarism and fact checking services along with copyediting.

For Individuals and Organisations: For basic proofreading or copyediting services, enter your word count and get a quote through our instant price calculator. Please contact us for rates on more substantive editing that includes plagiarism and fact checking. Every document submitted will go through multiple rounds of review and revision (a comprehensive edit and a final check) so that the text meets our quality assurance standards. Upon the completion of the task, we will forward you two Microsoft Word files: (1) the Tracked Changes version and (2) a clean copy with changes by the editor(s) incorporated into the text.



Cyberspace is flooded with loud and unwanted banner ads, sponsored posts and video commercials that stalk us day and night without our consent. There is a veritable excess of goods and services of every kind in our global village. People are turned off by aggressive selling techniques and fairly suspicious of claims to exclusivity and excellence. How can you tell your story and offer your expertise in such an environment without appearing noisy, intrusive, desperate and inauthentic? We will conduct an audit of your existing communication channels (digital and print), examine the words you have been using and respond by drafting messages that will resonate with intended audiences. Through descriptions, biographies, articles, blog posts, social media updates, news announcements and other statements, our copywriters will highlight your distinctiveness and assist you in becoming a leader in your area while making sure your capabilities are conveyed truthfully, neither underestimated nor overblown.

For Individuals and Organisations: For basic writing services, enter your word count and get a quote through our instant price calculator. Please contact us with details if you want long-term support.



Employing Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative Suite and other relevant software, we will seamlessly bring together text and graphics to either brush up or build your publications and presentations from scratch. Outsource your desktop publishing to us, and we will take care of everything from PowerPoint slides to periodicals. The talented designers we engage will arrange your material into smart, stylish and sophisticated visuals and typography that will convert your visitors, make you attract new customers and grow your business or magnify your cause.

For Individuals and Organisations: Please contact us with details on the scope and requirements of your project to discuss rates.




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