Do you plan to create a whole library from scratch or develop an existing one for yourself, your children, your students or your employees? If you are not sure where to begin, we will put together a fascinating list of books keeping in mind the ages, occupations and ambitions of your readers. Proximity to and regular engagement with a good collection of literature sharpens one’s sense of self and perception of the world. Incorporating must-read classics, prize-winners and relatively unknown gems, we will assemble an invigorating combination of fiction and non-fiction for your home or office. If you are new to reading and looking for something light and entertaining, we will guide you through popular material that will delight as it will inform. Say, commercial novels, memoirs both fun-filled and thought-provoking, simple yet meaningful social/cultural commentaries and enlightening photo books. To those who have had limited involvement with the humanities, we will provide introductory reading experiences that are easy to assimilate. This service is more basic than “Reading for Pleasure and Knowledge” with the deliverable containing book recommendations on one or more disciplines with very brief descriptions of the content.

For Individuals, Educational Institutions, Businesses and Non-Profit Organisations: Advisory will be delivered through text, and if needed, video calling, over short or long term. Enquire about rates.


The length of the text will depend on the requirements of specific orders. In this example, you will find a short deliverable on art, culture and travel. We will post more samples covering other disciplines in the future.



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